Storing your items in the right type of storage unit can be important. In some cases, you can do well by putting your things into a unit that doesn't offer climate control. For example, if you are storing metal tools or other items that can be kept at any temperature, then there's no reason for concern over the temperature the storage unit may get. On the other hand, you'll find that in most cases it is important for you to go with a climate-controlled unit. Read more on the importance of climate-controlled storage units below. 

Hot temperatures can cause different types of damage to many items

There are so many items that can be damaged by excessive heat. Unfortunately, a lot of these items are ones that people often put into storage. In many cases, by the time they finally get to their items after keeping them in a unit without climate control, many of their items will be a loss. 

You may think you would be fine with keeping your fabric things in a storage unit, such as your bedding, curtains, towels, and even your rugs. However, all these things can end up becoming brittle over time when they are subjected to high temps on a regular basis. Also, your clothing can quickly be damaged by the heat if it has elastic since the elastic will quickly rot. 

Rubber and plastic are two materials that are thought to withstand extreme temperatures by most people. However, you have to be careful with items that have rubber or plastic parts, because they actually can be damaged. Rubber can get so brittle it falls apart, and plastic can also get very weak and break. Countless items have rubber or plastic parts, and this is one reason why so many people need climate-controlled storage units for their things. 

Cold temperatures can damage a lot of items 

Many people don't think that cold temperatures will be a problem for their things. They think simply storing their things in a storage unit that prevents them from being benign rained on will be enough. However, cold temperatures can be damaging as well. 

Many things are made from wood, and a lot of people think that wood is so durable it will be fine in a storage unit without climate control. However, being exposed to long periods of freezing temperatures can cause the wood to contract. Then, it will expand as the weather warms. This fluctuation will cause the wood to become warped, weak, and damaged in other ways. 

Rubber items can also be affected by extended periods of freezing temperatures. When it gets cold, the rubber gets hard and will then end up brittle and falling apart. 


Now that you see how so many common things can be affected by the weather, you will understand why using a climate-controlled storage unit can be so critical.