When you are looking for a self-storage unit, decide whether you need a climate-controlled one. Here are some things that indicate that a climate-controlled storage unit would be a good idea for you to prevent problems with some of your items.

Do you plan on spending time in the storage unit?

Think about the reason you are renting a storage unit and how much time you will be using it. Some people rent a unit to put their items in and leave them there until they come to retrieve them at some point in the future. Then, there are other people who rent a storage unit to have a place for their items that they can go to in order to sort through them, package them for shipment, etc. If you will be in the unit tending to things, then you want to be comfortable year-round. Therefore, getting a climate-controlled one would be a very good idea. 

Will your items be stored in an area with extreme weather conditions?

If you live in a very cold climate, a very hot climate, or a very humid one, then it may always be best to err on the side of caution and opt for a storage unit with climate control. In the wrong environment, even things that would normally be durable and fine can be put at risk of things like mold or becoming brittle. 

Do you have items that are supposed to be kept away from certain conditions?

Some items absolutely need to be kept in the right environment when they are going to be stored for a good length of time. Some of the ways that the wrong environment can damage certain items can be seen in these examples: 

Wax decor and candles can be ruined

If you store any wax decor, candles, crayons, or anything else made from wax, then they can end up melted and ruined when the temperatures inside of a storage unit get too hot. Another thing to consider is that when these items end up melting, they can also damage other items stored with them. For example, if you have some candles stored in with a blanket, then the blanket can be ruined right along with the candles. 

Plastic items can warp

Plastic items that go into a storage unit that gets very hot can also end up warping and needing to be replaced. When you think about all of the items you own that are at least partly made from plastic, you can better understand just how serious of a problem this could be. 

Furniture can be damaged 

Most furniture can be damaged if kept in the wrong conditions. Heat and humidity can both affect the wood of furniture pieces, causing them to warp or even to split. Furniture with upholstery can easily pick up a foul odor when stored in humid areas. Also, upholstery can end up with mold in warm and humid units. The fabric can get brittle and rip very easily when stored in a hot unit. Furniture with leather can experience warping, shrinking, and splitting when kept in a storage unit that's too hot, too cold, and/or too humid.

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