If you are going to be going on an extended vacation, and you own a classic vehicle which is not going on the trip, you undoubtedly have some concerns about its well-being while you are away. Preparing your vehicle for long-term storage is necessary so it remains in good-working order, so the body does not suffer from damage, and so it is at less risk of theft when you are not around to keep tabs on it. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your classic vehicle for storage to help reduce the chances of these scenarios from occurring.

Find The Right Storage Area

Most people will store their classic vehicle inside of their garage while they are away. If you do not have a garage, and you do not wish to subject your vehicle to inclement weather damage or theft chances, a storage facility would be the best spot to keep it while you are away. An alternate idea is to have a friend keep your vehicle in their own garage. It is a good idea to place a cover over your vehicle even if it is being stored inside a building. This will help keep it safe from moisture if the enclosure is too humid. It will also help keep pests from getting under the hood and dust from accumulating upon the body.

Take The Time To Clean The Vehicle

Giving your vehicle a deep-cleaning session before you leave for your destination will help remove debris that could cause damage to the paint job. Make sure to scrub down the vehicle well to remove any bird droppings, dirt, and grime. Dry the vehicle in its entirety so water stains do not harden upon the vehicle's body. For added protection while you are away, consider adding a layer of auto wax to the body of your vehicle.

Tend To The Vehicle's Fluids

Top off your classic vehicle's gas tank to help keep moisture from accumulating inside while you are away. Failing to do this could lead to poor performance when you return and drive your vehicle. Old engine oil could cause havoc to your classic vehicle's engine. Rather than risk forgetting to change it when you return, take care of the job before your trip so contaminates are not left inside your tank to cause destruction.

Arrange For Short Riding Stints, Etc.

When going away for longer than a few weeks, consider having a friend start your vehicle once every week or two so the battery does not die. If you trust them with your vehicle, have them drive it for a mile or two at this time as well. This will help keep the tires from becoming flat. If you do not have someone available to drive your vehicle, disconnect the negative battery terminal so your battery does not drain during your absence. The tires can be salvaged by taking them off of the vehicle. Lift your vehicle by placing a jack stand near each tire so you can remove them.

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