If you have a family member that collects items as a hobby, this might be a point of contention if you are limited for space. A great way to find  a happy medium might be a self storage unit where they can keep their entire collection all in one place. Here are three tips to help convince your  hobbyist family member that a storage unit might be a great option for their collection.

1. Setting up a Separate Work Area

Storage units don't need to be only used for storage. While your family member shouldn't plan to  be in their storage unit all day long, they can bring in a table and map out a workspace to use when they are coming and going. This can help if they are receiving or shipping out collectables and need a space to package items before heading to the post office. A separate area to sort and assess their collection away from the home can help your family member focus on their hobby and not get distracted by day-today nuances at home.

2. Items Will be Safer

If your spouse or older child collects items of value, they last thing they want is for younger kids in the house to inadvertently damage items out of curiosity. Sometimes a collection might outgrow a safe space or locking cabinet and other family members or pets could cause damages. If your family member's collective items are older or fragile, these shouldn't be all around the house just because they have run out of space. A storage unit might be a safer option to keep these items out of harm's way.

3. Better Organization of Items

If your family member is managing their collection in their room, the garage, or even in the living room, there is a chance that this isn't the ideal space for organizing items. Discuss with your family member the possibility of a storage unit that can start as a clean slate for cataloguing items and organizing collections. Shelving units, labeling systems, and access to all items at once can be selling points when it comes to opting for a storage unit.

If you have a family member whose hobby has gotten out of control and is taking over your home, try to convince them to look into storage alternatives. Finding a self storage space (like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage) that is nearby and accessible when your loved one will need this will be key. The hope is they can keep their collection and you can get your living room back.