Moving your household items into a self storage unit can be a lot of work. If you don't do things correctly, your items can get lost or broken while they are being stored. The tips here will keep everything safer and in a more uniform manner for you.  

Use three sizes of boxes

It's a little unrealistic to expect you to use one size of boxes when you are packing your items. This is due to the fact that some items may be larger than traditional-sized packing boxes and you may have a good number of small things you don't want put into bigger boxes. Also, packing some items, like books, into a large box will make the box too heavy to safely move. For this reason, you should go with three sizes of boxes, staying consistent with the measurements of each.

When you are fitting all your boxes into the storage unit, you can move the boxes into the unit according to their size, packing large with large and small with small. This is going to make it much easier for you to keep the unit in clean and uniform condition for easy access to items you may need to get at in the future.

Use clear plastic bags

You will only be able to pack the boxes up so high in the storage unit without needing to concern yourself with them smashing the ones on the bottom. Therefore, packing some items in clear plastic bags can help you to fill more free space that would otherwise be wasted. This is done by putting the bags on top of the highest boxes and in any areas where there is space, but not enough for a box. The clear bags let you see the contents easily.

Use vacuum sealed bags

Some items can be put in vacuum sealed bags so the air can be removed from them, making them much smaller in size. These bags are great for very bulky things that would use a lot of storage space, such as very thick bedspreads.

Number your boxes

Numbering your boxes makes it a lot easier to find what you need in the unit. On a sheet of paper, write down what is in each box and give that list its own number, add that matching number to the sides of the box. This makes finding things so much easier and faster.