You've finally joined the empty nest club. Unfortunately, your kids left most of their belongings at home when they moved out. To make the most out of the extra space in your home, without discarding their belongings, you should rent a storage unit. A storage unit will allow you safely store your kid's belongings until they need them again without taking up valuable space in your home. Here are some useful tips that will help you safely store your kid's belongings.

Wood Furniture

If you're going to be storing wood furniture, you should try to find a storage unit that has climate control. This will help protect your furniture from moisture and heat damage. However, if your storage unit isn't climate controlled, you can still protect your furniture from damage by following a few simple steps.

The first you should do is place a blanket over your wood furniture. Next, place plastic sheeting over the wood furniture. Finally secure the covers by wrapping duct tape around the furniture. The blanket and plastic sheeting will protect your furniture from climate changes inside the storage unit.

Mattresses and Box Springs

If you've got mattresses that need to go into the storage unit, you'll need to do a bit of prep work before you move them. Before your mattresses go into storage, you should clean them thoroughly. You can do that by running a vacuum over both sides of the mattress. This will remove dead skin cells and dust mites. Once the mattresses have been cleaned, place them inside a mattress bag. You can also use mattress covers, as long as they zip closed. The cover will protect your mattress from moisture and bug infestations.

Pictures and Papers

Storing pictures and papers can be tricky, especially if you don't have a climate-controlled storage unit. Moisture can destroy paper, which means you'll need to create your own moisture control. Place your papers and pictures inside resealable plastic bags. Place a desiccant packet inside each bag. Desiccant packets help prevent moisture damage and can be purchased at most package shipping centers. Once the bags have all been sealed, place them in a storage container. Place the lid on the storage container and seal the edge with duct tape. Your papers and pictures will stay safe during storage.

Your kids have finally moved out on their own. Now it's time to clear some space in your home. These simple steps will help you keep your kids belongings safely stored away. For more information about safely storing your items, contact a facility such as Park Lanes Storage.