Do you build wooden furniture and store it inside of your house until it is sold? If your house is becoming too crowded for you to walk through it without bumping into pieces of the furniture, it is likely time for you to look into getting a storage unit. This article will show you why renting a storage unit for your wooden furniture is the best way to get the space in your house back, while also making sure the furniture is unharmed.

How Long Can Wooden Furniture Be Safely Kept in a Storage Unit?

The duration that your wooden furniture will remain safe in a storage unit depends on the type that you opt for. For instance, you have the option of choosing a normal storage unit, or one that is climate controlled. A climate controlled unit gives you an advantage of longer storage safety because you can adjust the temperature in the unit to accommodate the wood. However, an average unit is fine if you will likely be moving furniture pieces out of storage on a regular basis due to good business.

How is Wooden Furniture Safer in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

The biggest advantage of renting a climate controlled storage unit is that it can prevent humidity. You don't want your wooden furniture in a humid storage unit because it will be exposed to moisture. Any exposure to moisture can quickly deteriorate your wooden furniture, especially when exposed to it for a long time. Basically, the wood will begin to expand and cause the furniture to lose form. The wood can also become discolored and become molded from too much moisture.

How Much Per Month Does a Storage Unit Usually Cost?

You must determine what size of storage unit you need for the wooden furniture, as it plays a big part in the overall price. If you want an average unit that is 10x15 feet, your monthly fee is estimated to be at least $75 or more. You should expect the monthly fee to be $115 and up for a climate controlled storage unit that is 10x15 feet. If you sell large pieces of furniture, you may want to opt for a unit that is 20x20 feet, which is estimated at $225 monthly.

You can separate your personal space from what is used for storing the wooden furniture that is sold in your business. Simply visit a storage services facility and rent a unit that can be used for safely storing your wooden furniture for long periods of time!