Planning every aspect of your wedding day is very exciting. When you are a creative, resourceful thinker and take matters into your own hands, it is important to know about all of the resources available that can help you achieve your vision of a wildly fun, touching, and memorable wedding day. Make sure that you are on the same wavelength as your fiance, ask trusted friends and family members for help, and look for cost effective resources, such as self storage. Here are three reasons to use self storage while planning your DIY backyard wedding.

Keep rentals safe and close at hand.

As a DIY bride or groom, you are likely going to rent most of your linens, chairs, and tables so that you can focus on other personal touches and decorations. Keep them close at hand without cluttering up your home by putting them in your public storage unit. This allows you to keep everything easily accessible and all saved in one place. Any friends and attendants helping you set up your reception space can easily help you haul your rentals to your backyard then back to the storage unit for a communal pick up from the rental company. You also don't have to worry about damaging or losing any of the rented items if they are safely stored in one place.

Surprises for your fiance stay hidden.

As a detail-oriented person, you want to make sure that you add that special little something to the ceremony for your new husband or wife. It can be hard to keep surprise decorations or gifts under wraps when you are planning to have your wedding at your home. You can keep your fiance from discovering their surprises by storing these items in a storage unit along with your other wedding materials.

Hold on to items from other wedding-related events.

You may also choose to hold your wedding shower at your own home. This can serve as a great dry run for having a large amount of people in your home and yard before your big day. If your family and friends help you throw a wedding shower at your home, you can also utilize self storage. You can keep large wedding shower decorations there until the shower, and you can move large pieces of furniture out of the house and in the storage unit when it is time to set up for your party.