If you are moving items into a storage unit at a place like All American Mini Storage, you might have items that will take a bit more creativity to store securely. You might quickly realize that everything won't fit in neatly stacked boxes. If you have items that seem as if they will be a pain to move or store, there is hope. Here are four pieces of advice when it comes to storing items that are hard to pack or seem to have storage limitations. 

1. Awkwardly Shaped Items

If you have an arched floor lamp or a teetering entertainment center that you need to fit into storage, it might seem hard to organize your storage unit. The secret is to measure your items as well as the storage unit beforehand and have a plan. Be sure that awkward items go into the storage unit first and place boxes and smaller furnishings around these for a better use of space.

2. Heirlooms and Antique Items

If you have to store items in a storage facility, it is important that you keep these safe and undamaged. Make sure that you have the packing supplies necessary to wrap up items that are delicate, such as bubble wrap. If you have smaller antiques, these should be wrapped up first and then boxed. Items can shift and settle while in storage so it is worth it to make sure that your items are wrapped up securely.

3. Expensive Items

The best option is to try not to store expensive items in storage. If you have to, there are a few precautions that you can take. Make sure that these items are stored in the back of the unit and are out of sight. In case thieves have an opportunity to break in, these won't be easy to get. Insuring items that are worth a lot of money is always a good idea as well. In case these are stolen or damaged you won't be out the cost of items.

4. Electronics

If you are storing electronics, it is a good idea to find a storage facility that is located indoors or has temperature setting guarantees. You don't want moisture to set in and ruin items, especially when it comes to TVs or computer equipment. Try to store equipment in its original packaging to protect this from further damage from the elements.

If you are worried you don't have the materials or expertise to safely move something into storage, have movers help. For a little extra they can help pack this in your unit as well since they size up space every day for their moving truck. Make sure that items stay safe in storage for when you need them.