Self storage units are often seen as a way to make life easier, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be organized while packing. Packing your storage unit efficiently and effectively can help with access to your storage unit in the long run. Here are four tips when it comes to strategically packing your storage unit correctly from the beginning.

1. Using the Right Type of Packaging

Cardboard boxes might not be the best option when it comes to long-term storage. If you will be storing smaller items for a long period of time, it is a good idea to invest in stackable, plastic bins that will stand the test of time longer than flimsy cardboard. Sturdy plastic containers are good if you will be accessing items here and there, as they can withstand being moved around.

2. Don't Over-Pack Your Unit

You might think that getting a smaller sized storage unit to save money is a good idea, but if you have to jam pack your items, access will just be harder later on. It is a good idea to leave space to be able to walk into your unit so that you can get to the items you need. Make sure there is room to bring in a step ladder to unpack as well.

3. Don't Pack Your Unit Haphazardly

Just shoving everything in your storage unit and then locking it might be okay in the interim, but the next time you access your unit you might damage your items or cause injury. Make sure that all heavy items are on the bottom, and lighter items are towards the top. All items should stand on their own when you close your storage door so that your unit won't be hard to open the next time around.

4. Wrap Up Breakables and Electronics

If you will have awkward items in your storage unit such as lamps, tables and electronics, it is a good idea to invest in some bubble wrap and have these secured before storing. You don't want larger valuables to get damaged if things shift in your storage unit over time. Keep edges safe and items from breaking while in storage by wrapping up the parts that might be a problem.

Remember, you will need access to unpack your storage unit again at some point. Just because packing can be a pain doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to do this right. Don't make unpacking your storage unit at a later date harder than it needs to be - pack up your storage unit correctly from day one.