There are many reasons why you may need to store furniture, such as if you're downsizing your home, if you're moving and are in between houses, or if you need a place to keep seasonal pieces when they're not being used.

Rather than just placing the furniture items into the self-storage unit quickly, it's best to take time to prepare the pieces first. A little bit of preparation can extend the life of your furniture by protecting it from the elements.  Also, carefully arranging the items in the unit can give you more storage space to work with.

Here are some tips to consider when storing furniture:

Preparing the Items

  • If you plan on storing the furniture for a while, it's important to prepare it first. To protect chairs, love seats and couches from pests and staining, purchase oversize plastic bags that are designed for use on the seating elements. Most storage bags are water, dust and dirt proof.
  • You can cover wood, plastic and metal items such as desks and tables with heavy-duty stretch wrap. Stretch wrap comes in either small or large rolls and feature handles at both ends for ease of use. You can also wrap the furniture in either bubble wrap or old blankets if you don't have stretch wrap on hand.
  • Wrap all large electronics, such as a flat-screen TV in stretch or bubble wrap, or place it in a sturdy cardboard box designed specifically for the item.
  • Clean any dirty items, such as tabletops, prior to storing them, to discourage bugs and other pests from entering the storage unit. Use an all-purpose cleaner or soapy water to remove food residue and other debris, and thoroughly dry the items prior to storage.

Storing the Items

  • Storage space is at a premium when you're storing large, bulky item such as mattresses, bed frames and couches. If you organize the pieces you'll get more bang for your storage buck.
  • If you're storing a couch, stand it on one end after wrapping it to save valuable floor space. You can use this technique with mattresses as well.
  • Stack dining room, kitchen and patio chairs on top of each other to save space.
  • Disassemble large pieces, such as bed frames and dining tables prior to storing. Keep all hardware in a safe place so you can find it easily when reassembling.
  • Make use of all available space by storing small items, such as furniture hardware and picture frames, in dresser drawers.

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