Putting your precious belongings in storage can be stressful. You might be worried that your expensive things will be ruined or that priceless heirlooms will be damaged. Luckily there are a couple things that you can do to protect your belongings. Here are some tips for storing some common items.

Leather Furniture

If you are storing leather furniture, you should make sure that you choose a climate controlled storage unit. This is because the leather is very sensitive to changes in climate. For instance, in your house, the temperature probably stays pretty constant, with maybe a change of about 10 degrees maximum. If you put the leather in a storage unit that has a difference of 70 or more degrees between the seasons, you could be in big trouble. These changes will break and damage the leather beyond repair.

In addition, you should have the leather cleaned and dried before it is stored. Then make sure that you don't cover the leather too tightly, especially in plastic. This will cause the fabric to attract mildew.

Wood Furniture

Storing wood furniture is similar to leather in that it needs to be kept in a mild climate. You should never store wood furniture in a storage unit that isn't climate controlled. Before you store the furniture, make sure that it is freshly polished. This will help to protect the wood as it sits in the unit. If you don't take the time to polish it, you leave it susceptible to moisture and damage.

In addition, you should cover the wood furniture. Never cover it in plastic or anything too tight. Instead, take a sheet or piece of fabric and drape it over the wood. You should also ensure that the wood isn't on the ground. Instead, place it on something higher up.


Many people need to store photos in their storage unit. Luckily, a storage unit is great for photos for many reasons. The first is that you need to keep the photos away from light. If light hits the photos, it will fade and damage them. Second, you should keep the pictures away from moisture. This is why it is important that the unit be controlled for humidity. High humidity will ruin the pictures. Keep the photos in a box separate from the other items so that they don't touch, and if necessary, put them in a shield or frame to protect them from too much air.

These are just some of the things you can do to protect your precious belongings. For more information about storing your belongings, you may want to contact local companies with storage units or mini storage buildings.